[box type=”shadow”][quote]Thank you for your interest in photo submissions to frenzy magazine! We look forward to the possibility of including your work.[/quote][/box]

[one_third]frenzy is currently published quarterly, and will include three to four major photo shoots in each issue. Each shoot should be visually inspiring and aesthetically interesting, and the main emphasis of each photo should be on people, from either a fashion, art, beauty or design standpoint. The goal is for each shoot to be both visually entertaining and educational. To achieve that end, we are seeking submissions which tell a story, or are organized around a central theme to build the entertainment value, and for at least two of the images, we ask that photographers include a “shoot summary” to enhance the educational value of the shoots and contribute to the ongoing development of the creative community through shared knowledge. We also ask that you provide a web-ready behind-the-scenes video of your shoot; although this is not required.[/one_third]

A full submission for consideration should consist of the following:

description of files.

  • 8 vertically oriented images (8.25×10.75″ trim size)
  • 2 horizontally oriented images (16.5×10.75″ trim size)
  • 4 additional detail images of any dimension
  • a one page description of the shoot, including a list of credits

file specifications.

  • JPG
  • 300 dpi (see file dimensions above)
  • no compression
  • sRGB

shoot summaries.
(for at least two of the images, please include)

  • a lighting diagram
  • camera equipment and settings info
  • two paragraph description of the shot setup and execution
  • two paragraph description of the styling in that shot (hair, makeup and wardrobe)

general notes.

  • Please submit all files electronically as a single, zipped file, uploaded to our file submission service at: frenzymag.com/submissions/
  • Please name your zipped file as your firstname_lastname_MMDDYEAR.zip
  • Note that all work is submitted as speculation and specifically assigned in writing by an assignment letter