[box type=”shadow”][quote]Thank you for your interest in illustration submissions to frenzy magazine! We look forward to the possibility of including your work.[/quote][/box]

[one_third]frenzy is currently published quarterly, and is always looking to include visually interesting illustrations, either a single illustration, a spread of multiple illustrations around a theme, or a cartoon.[/one_third]


A full submission for consideration should consist of the following:

file specifications.

  • JPG
  • 300 dpi (see file dimensions above)
  • no compression
  • sRGB

general notes.

  • Please submit all files electronically as a single, zipped file, uploaded to our file submission service at: frenzymag.com/submissions/
  • Please name your zipped file as your firstname_lastname_MMDDYEAR.zip
  • Note that all work is submitted as speculation and specifically assigned in writing by an assignment letter