[box type=”shadow”][quote]frenzy magazine is based in Colorado, and is providing a fresh look at fashion, design, art, beauty and photography with both local, national and international contributors.[/quote][/box]

[one_third]Our mission is to showcase the endeavors of the creative community: models, photographers, designers, artists and stylists. With our provocative writing, intriguing photography, research and analysis, we invite our readers to explore and learn with us through our print & digital editions.[/one_third]

frenzy magazine is distributed according to a new model for a digital world.

[box type=”shadow”]pdf

All issues are available as downloadable PDF documents.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]ipad

Current and back issues are available for free on the Apple® iPad® via a third-party reader (MagCloud). We will soon be transitioning to a new iOS model, as soon as Apple releases the subscription-based iOS update, and subsequent issues will be available as an independent “newsstand app”, in a “smart” magazine format.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]print

Each issue is available for one-off printing here. Subsequent print editions will continue to be available as one off prints, as well as on a subscription basis, or at local bookstores and boutiques.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]web

Soon you will be able to browse selected and enhanced content from each issue here on the site.[/box]